Initial consultations for psychotherapy are $305 for 90 minutes.

Psychotherapy sessions are $205 for 55minutes and $305 for 90 minutes (EMDR)


To give you my best in every session, I do not contract with any insurance company. You deserve to know that the counselor you choose knows your circumstances, goals, and concerns; is energized, focused, and ready to work-not exhausted from seeing clients back to back all day long before your appointment time. The work we do together will be based on your needs and not on insurance guidelines. In my opinion, the typical 45 minute therapy session is not long enough to do the deep work necessary to effect lasting change. My goal in every session is for you to have “take-aways” and to feel you are progressing toward your goals.

If you would like to seek reimbursement for sessions through your insurance company’s out of network benefits, I am happy to submit the paperwork on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of submitting a Superbill yourself. Your insurance company will send you payments directly if the services are covered. Most people with PPO plans have out of network mental health benefits, but please contact your insurance carrier to find out what your specific policy covers. I cannot guarantee any reimbursement, as your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance carrier.

To find out how your mental health benefits work, simply call the member services number on the back of your insurance card and ask these questions:

  1. What are my out of network benefits for outpatient mental health services?
  2. How much is my deductible, and how much will you reimburse me once the deductible has been met?
  3. Does my therapist have to give me a mental health diagnosis for my insurance to reimburse me for therapy?


I accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover, as well as HSA and FSA cards, checks and cash.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying the full session fee.

Any Other Questions

Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!