Brainspotting Private Practice Coaching Services

You deserve to feel excited instead of terrified as you achieve your private practice goals.

Are any of these items on your I-know-what-to-do, so-why-do-I-keep-avoiding-it list?

  • Implement a plan to say goodbye to insurance contracts that underpay or undervalue my services or make my life miserable.
  • Confidently share and stick to my fees without feeling bad, guilty, ashamed, or anxious.
  • Raise my fees. Be okay with charging more for the valuable service I give.
  • Refer clients who are not a good fit for me. Oh, and never, ever take another client out of obligation or fear. Ever.
  • Get brave enough to write and publish a book, vlog, hold a retreat, become a professional speaker, or do something equally amazing.
  • Make my own self care as high a priority as I tell my clients to make theirs.

You’ve done your homework and made plans to implement a few big-time and several small-but-mighty changes in your business. You’ve watched the webinars, listened to the podcasts, read all the blogs, and even set deadlines to make it all happen.

But when implementation day comes, nothing changes: you freeze, second guess yourself, or “something comes up” that inevitably delays your moving forward.

Yes, sometimes legitimate issues do get in the way, but ultimately, you know you’re really just avoiding taking action.

Deep down, you also know that until you work on getting past the blocks that stop you from taking action, your vision will remain merely a just-out-of-reach possibility instead of an oh-yeah reality.

Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching can help you resolve the blocks and self-limiting beliefs so you can create a private practice that energizes and inspires you!

“What the heck is Brainspotting, and how can it help me with my business,” you say?

Running a business is not for spectators. As a therapist, you are a lot like a professional athlete. Despite being infinitely skilled, you have had bad days and negative experiences in your business, and they add up over time and affect your ability to meet your goals–just like a baseball player who may be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame but all of a sudden hits a slump that impacts him and his game long-term.

Performance blocks in your business may be related to scarcity concerns (not having enough clients to sustain your business,) business practice shaming (being judged and criticized by clients and other professionals alike for choices you make in your practice,) and other negative beliefs or experiences that stop you from moving forward with courage and faith in your abilities to succeed.

Brainspotting is a brain-based therapeutic approach that helps resolve performance blocks and enhance creativity and performance in a wide variety of areas.

As a Certified Brainspotting Consultant, I use Brainspotting to help practice owners just like you uncover and resolve the “stuff” that blocks them from stretching outside their comfort zone.

If you are looking for a way to achieve your goals while feeling excited instead of terrified, Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching is for you!

Curious? Skeptical? Mesmerized? Wishing you could teleport right through the computer to give me a Family Feud-worthy jumping hug?

Then CLICK HERE to request your free 15-minute telephone or Skype coaching sneak peek to see how Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching can help you turn your private practice goals into your latest private practice achievements.