Brainspotting Private Practice Coaching Services

You’re on an initial consult call with a prospective client, feeling really confident as you talk about your work. What’s more, you’re thoroughly enjoying the easy conversation and connection you’re making with the voice on the other end of the phone.

But when it comes time to talk about fees, hours, and other ways you practice, it’s as though that confident person you are unravels at the slightest hint of hesitation. Before you can get your bearings, you find yourself saying “yes” to things that put your practice, your financial health, and overall sanity at risk. You slide your fee.  You adjust your schedule to meet the client’s preference. The whole experience leaves you feeling completely frustrated with yourself. Deep down you “know better,” but as soon as you try to hold to a boundary, all sorts of stuff comes up for you.

You’ve got a lot of self-judgment, fears, and icky feelings bubbling up. You know some of it comes from how you were raised, fear of what the client will think of you, and even beliefs about your ability to achieve success if you don’t give in to what it seems works for the client. You know you can’t just bulldoze your way to the goals you have set for your practice and ignore all the feelings that have come up in the process.

What if the secret to taking the action you want to take, lies just beneath the fears, judgments, and other difficult feelings?  

Many of the therapists I work with are struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Raising their rates…and not just in theory only
  • Deciding to get off of insurance panels
  • Stopping their sliding scale rates limiting the # of sliding scale clients & how low they go
  • Taking control of their work hours
  • Setting boundaries with their time
  • Terminating with clients that are not a good fit
  • No longer working with populations that drain them

Many therapists struggle to implement the changes they set for themselves with their coach.  They know something needs to change, but every time they try, they are mentally and emotionally blocked from following through. I help private practice therapists get curious about the stuff that comes up around their blocks, resolve the blocks, and take action with confidence. It only takes a few sessions. From the first consultation, we dive right in, using brainspotting to coach to achieve your goals without having fears, guilt, and other “stuff” getting in the way.

I also provide instruction on how to use Self Brainspotting to build confidence, access your faith in your business plan, and feel excited and optimistic about making your practice work for you!  So if you are looking to stop berating yourself for not doing what you need to do and want a different approach to finding ease with taking action in your business, let’s get started with Brainspotting Coaching for your private practice. 

Brainspotting Coaching for Private Practice Package :

  • Includes an initial 90 min session with assessment and intervention
  • Followed by two additional 60-minute sessions
  • Resource spotting recording for you to access your confidence between sessions
  • Sessions recorded for your continued benefit after we are done

Investment: $1450

Book your initial consultation here. 

After our 15-minute telephone call, to make sure this is the right fit for you, we will schedule your Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching sessions so you can turn your private practice goals into your latest private practice achievements.