Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching FAQs:

  1. So, really. What is this Brainspotting stuff, and how can it help me work through my private practice head trash? I thought it was just a psychotherapy approach.

Brainspotting is a powerful, brain-based healing method that does more than just help with trauma and other “therapy-worthy” issues.

Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching helps people work through performance issues and little “hang-ups” that we all experience along the way.

Professional and amateur performers alike, such as athletes, performing artists, public speakers, and even “regular” people just like you have made their already amazing skills even more refined with Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching.

  1. Um…I don’t have “performance issues,” do I?

You say that like it’s a bad thing. We all have performance limitations to some degree or another, especially when the stakes are high–and let’s face it–you work for yourself. It is impossible to have a successful practice and not feel unnerved about taking your practice to the next level.

The things that are stopping you from having the practice you’ve always wanted have manifested as behavioral blocks.

You want to stop working evenings, but you haven’t blocked off your schedule and informed your clients of the change. You want to charge more for your services because you know you provide amazing value to clients, but you just can’t seem to approach your clients with the rate change. Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching can help you break through these barriers so you can get on with doing the transformational work you do in a way that supports your health and well-being.

  1. I just have one small but annoying problem. How long will it take me to work through my “stuff?”

For most therapists who have a simple/small issue, such as not feeling good about charging for missed appointments, generally one coaching meeting is enough.

For example, I have helped many therapists feel good about charging for late cancelations just by talking through the issue, but adding Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching helps strengthen their confidence, and therefore, results in upholding their policy without wavering, feeling bad, or being too aggressive or confrontational.

  1. I really want to stop taking insurance. Can you help me do that in one or two sessions?

Can I help you meet your ultimate goal to feel confident, prepared and ready to go totally private pay? Absolutely. Can I do it in one or two sessions? No. Wow, it would be completely awesome if I could, but going totally self pay is a multi-faceted challenge. In fact, you probably wouldn’t need help with it if it weren’t.

Since you want to be free of insurance, I am guessing you have uttered some iteration of these words before:

“That’s it !!!! They have done this to me for the last time. I am so done with insurance!”

It is what you say to yourself next that tells you how much work you have ahead of you to eradicate these hurdles. If you were to let those fears, guilt pangs, and other objections come up now, you’d have an idea of what you have to work through to get off insurance for good.

  1. So if Brainspotting is a psychotherapy technique, are you going to be doing therapy with me?

I am so glad you asked. No. Brainspotting psychotherapy should only be performed in a face-to-face therapist/client therapeutic relationship, by a therapist licensed in your state. I am a therapist, but I would not be your therapist. Even if you are in Florida, I cannot serve as your therapist if we establish a coaching relationship of any sort–even if you just attend a free webinar I offer.

The Brainspotting Business Performance Coaching I offer is done in the context of a private practice coach/coachee relationship, which focuses on your “here and now” goals, addressing threats to your moving forward with the changes you want to make, and develops the intrapersonal resources you already have within you.

  1. I know that it is possible that developmental trauma and other “stuff” may emerge as I work on my business blocks. What do I do if I become a little…well…unglued?

Prior to our work together, you’ll identify which therapist in your area you will see if, during the course of our work together, we uncover something that needs to be processed within a psychotherapy relationship. In most instances, it will be completely fine to get coaching and therapy services simultaneously, but in some situations, putting coaching on hold until you resolve the issue in therapy may be in your best interest. Each situation will be handled with your wellness as the priority.

  1. I really need to raise my rates, but I just can’t seem to “just do it.” What kind of success have you had with doing Brainspotting Coaching to help people like me stop procrastinating and raise their rates?

What a fabulous question! I am so excited to report that I have had many coaching clients raise their fees for services to a rate that really feels good to them–and most of the time, the rate they choose is higher than the rate they set as their goal prior to working with me.

And the icing on the cake? Their clients and potential clients are thrilled to pay their new per-session fee because these therapists maintain a strong sense that what they are offering is infinitely valuable–and it shows in how they talk about and perform their work.

My motto re: fees is simple: When what we charge is in alignment with the value we know we provide, we lay the foundation for a truly inspired practice!

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